3 Ways to get in Any Porn Adult XXX Website 100% FREE

Listed Here are 3 tricks with a purpose to get you into many many authentic leading porn web sites like BangBros, AdultFriendFinder, GFrevenge and plenty  more. In Actual Fact these approaches will get you into any site requiring a username and password, not just porn sites.

The easiest method is the PornSitePasswords Exe Application but all three of these methods below will get you into almost any member site.

[1] Web Site Hacking of Adult Sites to get in Free.

This is probably the least effect and most time intensive method but many feel the most fun solution to get into Adult sites free. This System takes a bit time and there is the slight threat of getting caught. It would be a good option to apply a proxy hiding service to mask your computer systems IP address. One could get nailed but it is a little harder. Google "hack porn site" or "porn web site passcode hacking" and there will be tons of articles. The biggest downfall to the success of this method is most all member sites today, including porn sites, store usernames and passwords into secure password protected database files so website hacking to get into members sites free is not what it once was but with determination anything is possible. Good luck.

[2] Bribing your way into XXX Websites Free Of Charge.

This Technique appeals to the self interest of the porn site administrator. Find the Contact Us link at the website you want to get into free. It will likely be on the main page of the site at the very bottom or top of the page. It's going To either be a link to their contact or support e-mail address or a link to o form you fill out and submit to them. Here Is what you write them (you may wish to change up the wording a little to make it your own):

Dear sir/mam,

    my name is xxxxxxx. I'm an affiliate marketer. I Have been internet affiliate marketing many services and products online for years now and recently became aware the huge earnings attainable selling and marketing adult services and sites such as yours. Since your adult website online is one of the biggest and most popular -  generating traffic, clicks and revenue should be a snap especially with my experience.

Can you provide us the link to join your affiliate signup and could I get access into your web site for a short period of time so to create a evaluation of the site for marketing purposes. This would provide me with a great deal more knowledge about your site thus making marketing easier and more accurate. Thanks for your time and attention regarding reading this e-mail and we look forward to doing business with you in the very near future."

This will not work with every single web site but it'll work with many.  Many of porn web sites will provide you with free of charge entry for a restricted time - similar to 24 hours however a few of them will provide you with lifetime access to their web site because they view you as any one who may generate earnings for them! I've Got personally have lifetime totally free access to lots of sites via this method. It's a number approach. Send this email to dozens of porn sites and I guarantee you will access to many of them 100% free.

[3] PornSitePasswords Free Software for Free Porn Site Access.

This is a very simple software program which provides usernames and passwords to thousand of member site including porn sites. In about two seconds it offers you usernames plus passwords. A picture of the software is shown below. This method is the fastest.  You can get PornSitePasswords software program at: http://www.paypornsitepasswords.com

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