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Monster Golf Swing is a golf tutorial by Terrence Thomas, where golf swing secrets are revealed showing you how you can instantly add up to 70, laser accurate yards of distance to your drives:

  1. Without using a golf swing aide.
  2. Without hiring an expensive golf coach.
  3. Without having to give your golf swing a complete overhaul.

I know that's a big promise and even though this might sound impossible. Once you read this Monster Golf Swing article and review and do what it says you'll be shocked at how easy it is to launch longer, straighter golf drives the very next time you step on a golf course or driving range.

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These golf driving tips are the exact things Terrence Thomas teaches his golf students in Fort Lauderdale Florida.

As matter of fact, to date, thousands of golfers in over 23 different countries around the world use this one unique golf driving tips you're going to see, that will add up to 70 laser accurate yards of distance in record time so trust me, you need to stick around for this tip but before I share this breakthrough tip with you I want you to stop whatever else you doing and make sure you watch the short presentation.

I know you think you've seen it all heard it all and maybe even tried it all when it comes to adding yards of distance to your drives. Terrence Thomas, creator of Monster Golf Swing, completely guarantees you that you've never seen anything like this before so just keep reading.

If you love golf and want to break 90, 80 and even 70 or

...just want to add yards and yards of distance to your future golf drives, you're going love it. By reading this presentation, you will find yourself shocked and amazed, in a good way AND in the bad way. I'll explain why in a moment before I do that, I want to tell you something that you probably aren't aware of yet.

This unusual tips I'm talking about, inside Monster Golf Swing, is known to less than 1% of some very lucky golfers and the truth is, all the information about the share is out there. The problem is that it's totally lost among all the ridiculously bad information, hypes and scams online.

  1. You won't find other instructors talking about this.
  2. After you apply these very tips for yourself you will begin adding yards and yards of impressive, laser accurate distance your drives so quickly - it's all scary.

Imagine the feeling of satisfaction as you launch yet another deep, dead solid perfect tee shot 80 yards further than you ever dreamed possible.

I know this all sounds impossible right now. I could almost see you said shaking your head in disbelief. I don't blame you. After all, what I said is hard to believe. It even sounds impossible right now, but this is all possible because of one simple reason. Terrance Thomas reveals a very unique way to unlock the power that's already locked and loaded inside you. This power you already have this lying there, waiting, when you activated the right way.

How to Add 70 Yards to your Golf Swing using this One, Ridiculously Simple Trick.

I want you to suspend your disbelief for just five minutes and continue to read this short article to the very end because what you can discover in this article will be one of the most important things you will ever learn about golf. In fact, what I'm about to show you works so well and is so the opposite of those phony golf swing improvement products, that it got Terrence Thomas reviewed and published in ...

These are the same tips used by ...

 ⇛ Monster Golf Swing Special Price $27OR  (normally $37)

Monster Golf Swing Video Tips to Add Up to 70 Yards to your Golf Drive youtube

Suddenly that 300 yard drive on the back nine will no longer be a big deal for you.

These types of people pay Terrence Thomas thousands of dollars to learn how to improve their golf swing at his sports performance clinic here in Fort Lauderdale Florida. Once you know these tips you can instantly add up to 70 yards to your golf swing and turn yourself into a human launching pad. Suddenly that 300 yard drive on the back nine will no longer be a big deal for you. Now when you hit the golf ball - it stays airborne for what seems like hours until it lands waaaaaay the heck down the fairway, exactly where you wanted it to go.

Your golf buddies was just say they'll no longer be mumbling 'nice drive' (sarcastically) while yawning at your 220 yard tee shots. They'll hit the turf face down wondering where the heck than 310 yard cannon blast came from. I am not joking. It feels so good too. It until it feels like magic, especially when you get to watch your ball sail off of the fairway like a frigging guided missile. You will say it looks like another Tiger Woods shot and your buddies wonder how do you do that?!

Author and Golfer Terrance Thomas

That my friend is the highest form of respect you can get on the golf course I live for it and I love hearing for my clients when they repeat stories just like this back to me all the time doing it believe it or not is easier than you may think knowing what I'm about to share with you will make you realize why the popular well-known so-called golf swing programs simply can't work long-term mega-rich golf equivalent companies make money off people like me by selling a silly stuff that leads to, at best temporary results.

That way they can sell us something else claiming it is the new and improved version on whatever piece of junk they sold before and I know you're tired of it but here's the thing - we don't need them and their expensive golf gimmicks to hit the ball farther I'm here to tell you that none of that stuff will fix your problem, until your swing gets dialed in.


Monster Golf Swing Special Price $27OR  (normally $37)

All you need is a love of golf and the desire to have a monster golf swing and trust me, once you find out how quickly this kind of distance to your drives, you will be wishing that you would heard of it sooner.

After years of working with golfers in my sports performance clinic, I discovered most golfers, that's you and I, are wasting 90% of their natural power in your golf swing. This means you're only applying 10% of what you're capable of when you hit the ball. That would be like flushing $90 out of every $100 right down the drain.

Here are some of those techniques that I used in my clients use data to 70 yards of distance your drives.

In order to increase your swing by as much as 70 yards without losing any of your accuracy you really only need to follow three simple steps. These three steps have nothing to do with

  1. You must stretch to create torque. Many golfers are stiff in their upper back and if your upper back is stiff you can generate enough torque to hit the ball for maximum distance because you're able to make a good shoulder turn. When this happens, your body naturally compensates by using your arms to swing a golf club. When your upper back is stiff you're guaranteed to injure your shoulder elbow or wrist, if you haven't already. So what do most golfers do in this situation - they think the solution is to stretch their back muscles this is actually a huge mistake. Here's why. By stretching your back muscles, believe it or not, you make your back even more stiff and easier to injure. If your back is stiff you can't generate maximum torque to hit the ball very far. I almost can't believe that, in this day and age, people are still stretching the wrong muscles, but with so much misinformation out there on golf and improving your swing distance and accuracy,  it's no wonder.

The solution is actually counter intuitive and is something most golfers would never think your chest and shoulder muscles need to be just stretched - NOT your back muscles!

Monster Golf Swing Special Price $27OR  (normally $37)


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